Pool supplies filter equals clean swimming pool

The most rewarding activity on a hot summer day is going for a swim in one’s own pool. However, most people are quite bothered by the fact that it’s hard to maintain a clean pool. Swimming pools without proper sanitation system pose as a health hazard to its users. This is where pool supplies filter and pumps come in, they are necessary for maintaining bacteria levels in the water.

Pool supplies filters are employed to collect and remove dirt that greatly affects the quality of the water. Collected dirt is contained inside as the pump runs and the water is cleaned by the filter as it flows. There several types of filters are available. Three types exist: Sand Filters, Diatomaceous Earth Filter, and the Filter Cartridges. These pool supplies filter are designed for specific purpose and have different approach in cleaning your water.

Sand filters are the most normally purchased pool supplies filters because they have competitive prices. This filtration system forces the water to pass through tanks made of concrete and fiberglass that contains a layer of special grade sand. Mainly , gravity pulls the water through the tank and then the sand layer collects the small debris and dirt. The major downside of this type of pool supplies filter is that it needs attention in maintenance.On the other hand,a sand filter can endure up to 6 years until it needs replacement but requires constant maintenance which can really be a burden.

On the opposite, a diatomaceous earth filter contains powder made from fossilized remains of sea organisms. These organisms act like filters that are very effective in trapping even microscopic particles.

Lastly, the cartridge filters is the type of pool supplies filter that uses a paper to filter out particles from the water. These paper cartridges are placed in a filter housing. It is often recognized by users as easy to use and maintain. Cleaning is simply done by removing the filter and spraying it with water using a hose. These types of pool supplies filters are usable for 5 years provided it is properly maintained and cleaned.

Your own requirements and idea will guide you in buying the right pool supplies filter suited for your swimming pool needs. Anyway, all the aforementioned filter systems work, it is all up to you since you know which type of pool supplies filter you need.