Air Source Heat Pumps Are Very Efficient And Inexpensive As Well

The reason why it pays to use air source heat pumps is that such heat pumps are more efficient than gas, oil as well as even electric resistance heating options though only the ground source heat pump is more efficient since they (ground source heat pumps) are able to draw their energy from the ground that is definitely warmer than the air, especially during winter time. Nevertheless, opting for air source heat pumps makes sense because these heat pumps cost less to install as compared to ground source heat pumps and so make for a better option on this account.

Air Is The Primary Energy Source In Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are in fact special types of heat pumps that make use of the air from the environment that act as their source of energy though other sources can also be used including heat sinks that can heat as well as cool an indoor area. Air source heat pumps make use of refrigeration and they also send energy at low temperatures to a refrigerant loop where the refrigerant is compressed to a higher temperature and then this heat is transferred to hot water as well as to the distribution system that sends this heat to an outlet; in summertime however the heat is actually removed in order to affect better cooling.

Most air source heat pumps are available as complete systems that can range from as small as a single four KW unit to larger and multiple units that can produce three hundred kilowatts. Some of the salient points about air source heat pumps include lower carbon emissions and less cost of heating. In addition, air source heat pumps use only between approximately twenty-five and thirty-five percent of electricity as compared to regular heating systems that in turn provide comparable amount of heating or cooling.

This means that using air source heat pumps ensures considerable savings in terms of energy bills and in addition such heat pumps are more efficient and in fact are between seventy and ninety-five percent more efficient as compared to a gas boiler powered by fossil fuel. What’s more, air source heat pumps do not have too many moving parts and so require less maintenance and these pumps are also not inflammable as is the case with electrically operated heat pumps.

When you wish to purchase a heat pump system you need to use the right criteria in order to choose the right option. Future performance of your heat pump will entirely depend on taking into account all relevant considerations that must be addressed so that it provides sufficient heat in winter and adequate cooling during the summer months.