Cut Out A Lot Of Frustration With An Underfloor Heating Mat

It is not an illogical question for people to ask when they inquire whether it will be best to use and underfloor heating mat or a cable kit for their underfloor heating installation. To answer this question, you should first understand how underfloor heating works and what the different options entail.

When you use a cable system it means that the cable has to be looped across the floor. It has to be done at specific spacing that has to be pre-determined. This means working out exactly how much floor space there is and how much cable will be needed to effectively cover the space.

The reason for this being that the closer you lay the loops of cable, the warmer it will be. If you in any way botch up the laying of the cable, the floor can have intermittent cold patches.

Even Heat Distribution With Underfloor Heating Mat

This is the main reason an underfloor heating mat makes life so much easier for anyone installing an underfloor heating system. The underfloor heating mat works in exactly the same way as using loose cable. The big difference is that the cable has already been laid across a mesh with the exact distance between the cables for optimum heating. It must be said that there are a few spaces where an underfloor heating mat is not the best to install. In very small and irregular spaces it is difficult to install an underfloor heating mat, so a cable kit would work better.

Using underfloor heating mats instead of loose cable works far better in large areas. Some rooms will have to get two underfloor heating mats to cover the whole floor area. In such spaces where two mats are used, it is not possible to join the two. This means that in such a room there will be an underfloor heating thermostat for each mat and can be operated separately.

This means you can choose to only head one of the underfloor heating mats at a time as the need arises. Underfloor heating is very important for people who live in a cold climate as winters are long. Underfloor heating has many benefits and using underfloor heating mats allows people to install underfloor heating system quickly and easily. Using underfloor heating mats take all the guesswork out of installing the heating system. It also ensures that you do not have problems with unevenly heated floors.