Heat Pump System Is Able To Heat And Cool Any Given Space Most Effectively

The design of heat pump systems is really not at all complicated and only requires a few basic though very important aspects to be addressed in order to get desirable results. There are in fact both air source as well as ground source heat pump systems that must be designed in order to address the requirements of heating and cooling. Both types make use of renewably sources of energy and will provide complete heating and cooling solutions.

Main Components Of Heat Pump Systems

The main purpose of any heat pump system is to either provide sufficient cooling or heating. Some of the main components of every different kind of heat pump system include a compressor, fan, copper tubing, high pressure safety switch, reversing valve, defrost control, and a protective wire mesh.

The most common applications of the heat pump system is to provide primary cooling or primary heating and to act as replacements for a primary system (heating or cooling) and also to function as a closed loop system.

As primary cooling systems the heat pump system can provide cooling to a building via its own operations and without need for additional and different cooling systems such as CAV and VAV. A primary cooling heat pump system performs its duties without outside help and so is deemed to be a unitary system and it is also certainly a very efficient and effective cooling solution.

All it requires is that you reverse the direction of refrigerant flow in a heat pump system and you will then get a primary heating system. Its control valve is theoretically easy to design though its application is quite complex and so it is a major reason why primary heating heat pump systems fail. In fact, at temperatures above thirty-five degrees Fahrenheit the system works most efficiently but below this temperature the performance will degrade. To overcome this problem it is often necessary to install a secondary source of heating that provides sufficient and additional heat to your building.

Since a heat pump system can perform both cooling and heating operations there is no need to have a traditional style boiler or chiller which means that costs of a heat pump system come down and at the same time it ensures that energy is used more efficiently and this too helps save you a lot of money by way of reduced energy bills.

Using underfloor heating can however prove to be very advantageous to you and so it is worth learning a bit more about this form of heating. For example, such form of heating dispels the need to use radiators that often mar the appearance of a room and in addition it also helps to save space by freeing up a wall that would have otherwise have been dedicated to a radiator.