Heating: Different Options, But Similar Results

When it comes to heating a home there are two main considerations that need to be addressed: saving money and ensuring minimal harmful impact to the environment. One way to cut costs on your energy bills and to also ensure safer environment is to make an evaluation of your existing home heating system and to determine whether it needs to be upgraded to a more efficient system.

Heating and Forced Air Systems, Forced Water Systems

When it concerns creating a warmer home there are a number of options to choose from with each option offering a separate set of advantages and disadvantages. For example, you have forced air systems and forced water systems and then there is electric baseboard heat which is a new and alternative home heating system that you can choose from.

Even warming up a home with the help of natural gas is possible as too is using heating oil and of course there is also electric heating to choose from. In fact, with the right kind of changes and even renovations it is possible to effectively heat up the home – albeit at a greater cost. If you make a total switch from oil heat to gas heat your investment would be quite sizeable since you would have to use a new conduit and new furnace and perhaps a new way of ventilating the home.

Gas furnaces could provide ideal solution to warming up the home and as long as you use the right kind of boiler you can expect such a system to provide very efficient heating. On the other hand, oil heat systems that are very similar to gas heat systems can provide effective heating – provided you choose the right kind of controls and furnace.

Electric baseboard heaters might look just like the oil and gas aluminum radiators and with current improvement in such heating systems provide a very competent heating solution that can provide comparable results to the gas and oil heaters and in fact under exceeding cool conditions can prove to be a better solution.

Today, fossil fuels prices are fluctuating rapidly and at the same time improved technologies are also being used which has resulted in more emphasis being put on using solar as well as wind power. Such heating options provide comparable results to conventional systems though at a vastly reduced cost and so should be an option worth considering.

Heat pumps are generally used to improve the functioning of heating as well as cooling systems that are used in commercial as well as in residential buildings. They can switch to either emanating hot or cold air – as and when needed.