Keep Air Conditioning Unit Costs Down

Whether you have a small air conditioning unit or a humungous one, you should always seek to run it as little as possible so as to keep your energy costs down. Living in an apartment or a home, an energy bill is a fact of life. You need to pay your energy bill to keep your lights on, to keep your food cold and to make sure you have air conditioning; especially in the hotter months. Go one day without electricity and you’ll soon see how much we rely on it. To keep your air conditioning unit costs down, you need to make sure your unit remains clean. Don’t run it too cold, and only run it so that you’re comfortable. Get it maintained every so often so you ensure it’s working correctly and most of all make sure it’s the correct size for your home.

Air Conditioning Unit Cleaning Costs

To keep air conditioning unit costs down, you need to make sure your unit remains clean. Dirt, dust, pollen, and other impurities can find their way into your air conditioning unit causing costs to skyrocket. You never know how much crud is in your air conditioning unit until your energy bills start to climb. Then you’ll want to make sure your coils are clean, your air filter as well as the unit itself. A professional should be called to clean your air conditioning unit unless you know what you’re doing as you usually have to use an acid mixture to clean your air conditioning unit.

Don’t Run it Too Cold

It can be tempting to keep your air conditioning unit down to like sixty five all day every day, but this will only make your air conditioning unit costs rise. Instead, keep it around seventy six degrees or even a little cooler. If you put it on automatic, your air conditioning unit will keep it around that temperature and it will save you a lot of money. If possible, switch your thermostat to an electric one that allows you to change the temperature based on the time of day. You can then run it cooler when the sun is out and then a little warmer when the sun goes down. This will save you even more money on your air conditioning unit costs.

Maintenance And Air Conditioning Unit Costs

To make sure your air conditioning unit costs remain as low as possible, get your unit maintained by a professional. Make sure there’s plenty of Freon, make sure your unit parts are up to date and make sure you don’t have any holes or leaks in your hoses and connections. This should only be done about once a year, if that, and you’ll see your energy costs go down as your home remains cool year round.