So You Want To Learn How Solar Heating Panels Work?

Everyone knows about solar energy and how using it can come with a lot of perks. But few people actually know the mechanics of how solar heating panels work even if they want to install them in their house.

How Do Solar Heating Panels Work?

Solar heating panels work by doing what all types of solar panels do best – they absorb rays from the sun and collect it into itself. These types of panels are also called “solar thermal collectors.” They are built and designed specifically to absorb sunlight and then use it to provide heat. While some people compare them to solar hot water panels they are not the same thing.

There are two types of solar heating panels available that generate heat. Flat plate thermal collectors actually use solar hot water panels to generate hot water. These collectors are waterproofed, insulated boxes that contain a special metal absorber sheet. The sheet has pipes built in that are placed in sunlight, which heats up the water and makes it circulate through the system. The water goes to a storage tank and used for showers and paths; they are more commonly found in commercial buildings like hotels.

Evacuated tube solar heating panels have multiple evacuated glass tubes that heat up a special anti-freeze solar fluid in order to heat up water or for space heating. The tubes reduce heat losses. These types of solar heating panels get their energy not from outside temperature but actual light, which is why they’re used even in places that don’t get very hot.

There are also options for either glazed or unglazed collectors. They are very similar to flat-plate collectors and are installed mostly when solar heating panels are used to heat up pools. There are even air collectors that are used similar to HVAC systems that produce air conditioning.

What Are The Perks Of Solar Heating Panels?

The best perk that comes with solar heating panels is the obvious one: it significantly lowers a household’s energy bills. Somewhere between 50 and 80 percent of every household’s monthly energy bill comes from how much it costs to heat the things inside it whether it’s heating the actual house, the pool or even the water used for showers and baths. Solar heating panels take care of all of that stuff and since solar energy is free, you basically get to stop paying for warming up your house which definitely saves money during the winter months when heaters are really used.