Why Go To The Trouble Of An Underfloor Heating System?

People who live in a warm or tropical climate may well not understand the need for an underfloor heating system, but ask any person living in a cold climate and you will get a long list of reasons. Cold and especially cold floors have been the bane of human existence for millennia. History shows us that the Romans did not like being cold as they had underfloor heating systems. That in itself tells us that people today have reason to want warm floors. As we grew more sophisticated everyone in cold climates switched to the wall mounted radiator system still found in many homes today.

Radiator systems are clumsy and take up wall space, but at least they keep the rooms warm. What they cannot do it warm up the floors and that is why underfloor heating systems have become so popular today. Installing an underfloor heating system gives an even heat distribution throughout rooms and it is not difficult at all to install an underfloor heating system.

Many people actually do their own installation of their chosen underfloor heating system. Once the heating system is in place, it takes minimal maintenance. It is out of the way so you are not restricted to which room you install the heating system in. This makes it safe to be used not only in bedrooms, but also the bathroom and kitchen.

Choose The Underfloor Heating System That Benefits You The Most

Today you mostly have the option of two underfloor heating systems. You can go for the wet system that works with warm water or you can choose the dry system that works with electricity. The water based system means that pipes have to be imbedded in the foundations of the home or under floors. The pipes distribute the warm water and often people oft for this choice when they build a new house.

The water underfloor heating system is also recommended for use where there are wooden floors. Some people are not comfortable with the idea that warm water is flowing through pipes beneath the floors. Electrical underfloor heating systems work excellent for most people.

Something to remember when deciding to put in an underfloor heating system is to add underfloor heating insulation. By adding insulation you double the benefits from the heating system as it keeps the heat flowing upwards. You will not lose the precious heat into the foundations where it will be of no benefit to anyone.