Why You Need Underfloor Heating Insulation

Under floor heating is a common concern in homes across America these days. Cold winters and a modern preference for tiling over carpeting bring an increased need for under floor heating systems. You can budget for under floor heating systems throughout your home, in every room, so that your whole house and entire family can benefit from it. Or you could invest in under floor heating systems in selected rooms only, the choice is yours.

You may want to keep your under floor heating for the bedrooms only or perhaps you want to go with the trends and install it in the bathrooms and kitchens. Bathrooms, kitchens and children’s playrooms are the most popular places and rooms to install under floor heating.

You can also choose from water under floor heating systems and electrical under floor heating systems. Whichever system you choose to heat your home, you are bound to need underfloor heating insulation. Underfloor heating insulation is your best friend when you install a new system, whether you choose a cabled system or an underfloor heating mat.

Underfloor Heating Mat Saving Money For You

Underfloor heating insulation is very important when you install an under floor heating system. You aren’t likely to find under floor heating installation packages without undefloor heating insulation. The underfloor heating insulation will save you lots of money and heat at the end of the day. What happens is that the undefloor heating insulation stops the foundations from leeching all your heat. It provides a barrier between the foundation and your under floor heating system.

That means that the only way for the heat to go is up, straight to your flooring. Installing underfloor heating insulation prevents you from losing heat to your foundation and in so doing losing money. This is how it works. Electricity is used to heat the cables of your under floor heating system.

If you lose heat to your foundations it takes even more electricity to heat up your floor to the same temperature. And it takes a lot more electricity to keep it warm. The underfloor heating insulation stops this from happening and the less electricity you use to heat your floor and keep it warm, the less money you are spending. That is exactly how underfloor heating insulation saves you money. So before you think of grumbling about the added costs of the insulation, think about the money you will be saving in the long run because of that insulation.