Beware Of The Deceitful County Home Improvement Contractor

Not every county home improvement contractor is going to turn out to be above board and trustworthy. Recently a case of incomplete work done by a local Anne Arundel county home improvement contractor came to light in which an unlicensed such contractor walked away from a cool hundred and twenty-six thousand home improvement job in Clarksville without completing the job entrusted to them and without returning the money paid to him to complete the work.

County Home Improvement Contractor: Watch Out For Big Trouble

If you are not careful about how you hire a county home improvement contractor you can land in big trouble by hiring an unscrupulous person such as James Martz III who owns his own M&A Construction company in Odenton and who has about thirty cases filed against him during a period of nine years.

This is a typical instance of the deceitful county home improvement contractor who might first of all get a job from you without even having a proper license to operate and then after the job has been awarded to them will let you down and walk off with any monies that you may have paid upfront.

Of course, if you manage to bring such county home improvement contractors to book you can ask for and win restitution. However, chances are that person concerned will be hard to trace and when traced a lot of time will have passed. To be on the safe side, you should, if you are planning on hiring a county home improvement contractor in Maryland, ensure that the contractor must show his or her license to operate.

What’s more, you will also need to ensure that the license is valid. Even then there is no way of ensuring that the county home improvement contractor that you have hired will complete the work according to your expectations. Unfortunately, many people still hire dubious county home improvement contractors and end up paying a heavy price in the bargain.

The fact that a deceitful county home improvement contractor such as Martz was apprehended and fined as well as jailed is little consolation because for every Martz that is booked there are many that are still at large.

It is therefore imperative that before you hire a county home improvement contractor that you verify the contractor’s antecedents, his license as well as get references. Finally, you must also check with Better Business Bureau as well as local county agencies to learn whether any previous complaints have been filed against the contractor. Lastly, also ensure that you never pay more than a third of total costs upfront. If you want to find a home improvement contractor the easiest and most convenient option for you is to go online and see what comes up when you enter the search term “home improvement contractor.” Chances are that you will be overwhelmed by the hits that will show up.