Green Home Construction – Some Basic Tips

Choosing green home construction is one of the many ways to help keep the earth green. These days, you will find many families that choose to have green homes to help protect the planet. Many of them may have commissioned construction companies with the know-how in green home construction. And some may apply the basics if their budget is not enough.

You can have a green home just by applying the simple steps in order to be compliant with the basic standards of going green. First is to identify which green home construction materials are best to use at the start. Essential management measures should be taken when constructing a green home, and its initial structuring should consider eco-friendly raw materials.

One way to keeping your construction green from the start is by using high-fly ash cement instead of regular cement. You may look for salvage shops for reusable materials such as wooden panels, doors, windows and re-engineered wood if the materials you like are hard to find or not available.

Another ideal practice is to install a drip irrigation system instead of a sprinkler system for your lawn or garden. You can collect and recycle rainwater for your garden in the summertime by having a rainwater reservoir. Another way go green with rainwater is by installing permeable paving since this allows rainwater to seep into the soil. Also use a piping system that will allow gray or rinse water to be reused for flushing toilets and cleaning walk/driveways.

Green home construction also involves the use of sustainable wooden fittings such as the SFC or Forest Stewardship Council-certified products. You must use low to zero formaldehyde-based paints for the interior of your home to help create healthier living conditions for your family. By using photovoltaic cells and solar heaters, you can reduce your electricity consumption and electric bills every month.

It is ideal to use light colored roofing because it helps reduce heat build-up in your home. They also last longer because the absorbed heat is reduced and they do not thermally expand as much as dark colored roofs do.

With green home construction, you are taking of both fixed and movable items in your home. It is advisable to use recycled wood furniture inside your home. There are folks in certain companies that advocate using cork or bamboo flooring versus the usual hardwood flooring. Also, try to steer clear of vinyl linoleum and use natural linoleum instead.

There are numerous compliant practices that you can apply to help environmental conservation. The important thing is that you and your contractor were able to identify the green home construction materials to use and how to implement efficient eco-friendly systems within your home.