Home Remodeling Statistics

Many homeowners want to have their homes remodeled since they feel proud and happy living in well-designed homes. Who wouldn´t be? Every year, thousands of homes are being remodeled to suit the needs and most of the time wants of the homeowner. Recent home remodeling statistics yield interesting facts as a study made by Germany´s Institute for the Study of Labor indicate that not only residents of a certain country aspire for better homes. In fact, even immigrants are also keen on developing their homes since they end up being homeowners themselves. The 2007 study also reported that a higher percentage of homeownership is still practiced in the US ( 63% ) as compared to Germany´s 42%.

Because of this trend, home remodeling statistics has increased as more and more homeowners engage in developing their properties but recently, statistics have dropped by as much as 9% which can be attributed to the recent depression. Some homeowners delayed home remodeling or cut off their budget by 3.5 to 4.5% since they can still manage to live in the house comfortably. Nevertheless, firms or companies that are into the home remodeling business are tapping the niche of immigrant homeowners who cherish the idea of having a beautiful home. It is understandable since the house is also a status quo that represents wealth or prestige among their group.

Home remodeling projects were statistically compiled by the Joint center for Housing Studies at Harvard University. Figures revealed some remarkable facts about home remodeling statistics based on immigrants behavior. Apparently, immigrants paid more attention to remodeling their kitchen and bathroom in the period between 2002 to 2007. Food preparation and meals are important to some cultures since these activities create bonding moments among family members. Bathroom remodeling was the next option since the immigrants wanted to experience a toilet that is decent and clean. Also, some cultures often take a bath which is why the bathroom gets attention from these groups.

Home remodeling statistics can be accessed through websites of national agencies in charge of housing projects. Also, certain websites that deals with the housing industry publish papers related to the trends in housing.