A Clean Look: Modern Interior Design Furniture

Moving away from the classic and often bulky looks of historical interior design furniture, modern interior design furniture tended to follow the ways of the architecture of the last one hundred years, moving to cleaner lines and the use of new materials in designing the furniture. Although the modern interior design furniture is not always as comfortable or luxurious as the antique furniture of ages past, modern interior design furniture often gives individuals more choices in style, colors, materials and textures to match any room of a house or office that they are decorating. This allows individuals to more accurately express their taste in furniture, giving them more artistic license in interior design concepts.

Development of the Modern Interior Design Furniture

As architecture and the technologies and materials available changed, so did the furniture designers’ concepts over the last one hundred years. Designers started to use cleaner lines in the furniture they created so that it would match the straight and simplistic lines of the architecture. For instance, the zigzag chair is shaped like a modified ‘Z’, providing a unique look for a room. In addition, furniture was made that was mass produced, versus the piece by piece work of the past. This made the furniture more readily available to more clientele, which was better for the modern interior design furniture industry.

Some designers began experimenting with color, only using bold, primary colors in their furniture. This was a drastic change from the antique furniture of the past which was normally of wood that was stained a particular color, or painted a white or off-white color, but rarely anything else. The colors in these modern interior design furniture pieces of the early 1900’s changed the color schemes used in rooms all over the world, introducing bolder looks to the industry.

Steel was also being used in modern interior design furniture since the technology had been developed to use, not solid pieces of steel, but tubular steel, so that it was lighter and better suited for furniture. Tubular steel is hollow in the middle which creates strength and a more lightweight product for use in modern interior design furniture. This allowed designers to use the steel in creating unique chairs, dressers, tables and beds, which gave a clean, sharp look to any piece of furniture. For the first time, metal was paired with leather and other materials to create a comfortable chair or couch that still maintained that sleek, modern look of the era.