Choosing an Interior Design School

Finding the top interior design schools in order to get the education to begin a career in interior design is an important first step. There are many different interior design schools available today in this fast growing field, some of which offer online courses to complete the certification or even graduate courses for those expanding on their qualifications. Some of the best schools provide a couple of years of the foundational interior design skills and then offer the next two to three years opportunities for students to actually take on work in the field, working with a group of students on different projects under the supervision of an instructor so that they have real work experience and can build their portfolios.

Interior Design School And Qualifications

Choosing an interior design school depends on the type of student going into the school. Some students do better in smaller settings while others enjoy large group environments, so a school should be chosen that provides the ideal student to teacher ratio that works best for the student. In addition, online course may work best for the student, especially if he or she has to work a full time job in addition to going to school. This provides the most flexibility for students, although many schools offer classes at all times of the day and night to help to accommodate their working populations.

One of the most important aspects of choosing an interior design school, whether it is a traditional school or an online university, is to make sure it is accredited. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design, or NASAD, is the largest governing body of interior design schools that are accredited. Schools that are accredited have been thoroughly reviewed by this body to make sure that faculty and standards meet the minimum qualifications set by the body so that the interior design education of that school meets the minimum standards. If the school is not accredited, the person will usually not be eligible to take the state’s licensing exam, which has to be passed in order to practice interior design.

Another qualification in looking for an interior design school is whether it offers the specialty in interior design that an individual is looking for. There are specialties in residential and commercial interior design, even specialties in specific rooms of the house or office space, so the school must offer the specific specialty that the individual is looking to gain through his or her education.