Creating Ambiance with Log Home Interior Design

What do you think of when you hear the words, “log cabin”? Does a wooden bungalow in the mountains come to mind? Most folks who choose this style of home enjoy a love of nature, and their log home interior design should reflect that taste. The good news is that there are many options in log home interior design today that allow homeowners to bring the outdoors in with a unique flair and extreme comfort.

Floor and Window Coverings

Since many log homes have open floor plans with plenty of wood flooring throughout, area rugs and other types of floor coverings will be an important first step in log home interior design. Area rugs will help to define spaces, such as separating the living area from the dining spot. They will also help to warm up the room and add color to an otherwise neutral palette. You can opt for the traditional braided rugs that now come in a wide assortment of colors, materials and styles. Or go for a warm wool style in either a Navajo print or another type of folksy design.

Window coverings will be another consideration in log home interior design, and are generally understated to bring the outdoors in as much as possible. This will particularly be the case if you have a breathtaking view outside that you don’t wish to cover up. Unlike modern home interior design that uses blinds and shades that provide plenty of privacy, the windows in log home interior design can be dressed in minimal fashion, with simple valances or curtains in natural fabrics and rustic patterns. Buffalo checks and plaids add a homey touch, while solid colors that offset nicely with the wood tones will also provide an attractive accent.


Furnishings in log home interior design are generally crafted of logs themselves, with large, sturdy structures that can provide plenty of storage and style. A good rule of thumb is to balance more intricate furnishings with simpler fabrics or accents. For example, a beautiful hand carved bed will look best with a simple quilt or crocheted coverlet on top. By the same token, a simple bed with clean lines can handle a more intricately patterned comforter or quilt on top. While your furniture pieces do not all have to come from the same set, keeping them in the same family of wood tones will help to bring a uniform look to your log home interior design.

There is nothing warmer and more inviting that a log home. With the right log home interior design, your house can become a beautiful have for family and friends to enjoy.