Different Fine Furniture And Interior Design Themes

When renovating your home it’s a good idea to begin by picking a fine furniture and interior design theme that reflects your personality and matches the exterior of your home. By sticking to a particular design theme the elements in your home will coordinate with each other instead of clashing. There are numerous themes when it comes to fine furniture and interior design, but some are more popular than others.

Mid-Century Modern Fine Furniture And Interior Design

Fine furniture and interior design changed radically after World War Two. People wanted to overlook the past and focus on the future, and this was reflected in their furniture and d├ęcor choices. The focus was on synthetic materials, smooth lines and minimalism.
The furniture of the era was futuristic, interesting and aesthetically pleasing. Mid-century modernism incorporated numerous colors and textures when it came to furniture and accent pieces. Materials like teak wood and fiberglass were used generously. Houses with mid-century modern fine furniture and interior design didn’t feature antiques or relics from the past.
Contemporary fine furniture and interior design is heavily influenced by the mid-century modern theme. Consequently many people covet authentic mid-century modern furniture. If you want to decorate your home in way that is contemporary with mid-century modern elements, contact an interior design firm.

Gothic Revival Fine Furniture And Interior Design

If you live in a nineteenth century home then it would make sense to choose fine furniture and interior design that has a gothic theme. You can create a gothic look in your home with vivid wall colors such as dark green, blood red or mauve. Invest in some ornately engraved solid wooden furniture that is made out of cherry, maple or oak.
The floors in a gothic revival home should be either stone or dark hardwood, but you can make them more inviting with one or two strategically placed comfortable rugs. A fire place, moldings, stained glass and wooden beams also lend a house a gothic feel.
You can add the finishing touches to your home by investing in a few oil paintings, tapestries and candles. Choose jewel-colored luxurious fabrics such as satin or rich velvet for your window dressings, bed and upholstery.

Mediterranean Fine Furniture And Interior Design

The exterior of many American homes has distinctly Mediterranean architecture. If you live in such a home, you may want to choose fine furniture and interior design that continues the exterior theme. If so, choose paint colors such as terra-cotta orange, yellow, cream, white, olive green and gold. Materials such as stone and wrought iron and marble are suitable for a Mediterranean theme. Invest in a dark hardwood floor and dark wood furniture and decorate with earthenware vases, wrought iron framed mirrors and candle holders.

Cozy And Rustic Fine Furniture And Interior Design

If you live in a farmhouse or log cabin perhaps you should choose fine furniture and interior design with a rustic theme. To achieve this look choose basic organic materials. Fabrics made out of cotton, linen and wool are popular in country homes and they generally have a plaid or floral pattern. Simple furniture made out of tough pine or logs and wrought iron is also appropriate for a rustic home. Keep everything laid-back and adorn your home with chests, trunks, old antiques and family heirlooms. Buy or make patchwork quilts for your beds and add a touch of natural beauty with some dried flowers and baskets of potpourri.