Express Yourself: Interior Design Furniture

Interior design furniture can come in all different shapes and sizes imaginable to fit any room in a home or office and any person’s sense of creativity and taste. There is modern interior design furniture that covers the latest styles of the current century, but looks can also be achieved using the antique furniture of the past, in all the different styles and choices that those eras entail. Interior designers can help individuals choose the interior design furniture styles that are right for them and match the styles to the particular room that is being redecorated.

Past and Present Interior Design Furniture

In the past, interior design furniture could get very cumbersome, as antique pieces of furniture were often heavy, large, and quite ornate. There are many different eras covered such as the Queen Anne furniture which is usually quite large with simple lines that are used, or the Chippendale furniture that is still so popular in the USA. When choosing to use antique styles of interior design furniture, individuals must make sure that the room is large enough to accommodate the size of the furniture.

In addition, they must choose what types of wood they want the pieces to be in since the older styles often used oak where the more recent antique styles used more of a variety of woods, such as mahogany, due to increase in technology. In addition, there are antique styles of interior design furniture that have very little design work on them, while others have scrollwork, pictures, gilding, and other ornamentation on them, so individuals must decide what fits their tastes. Matching antique furniture can be difficult and pricey, so some people choose to use reproduction antique style furniture instead.

In more recent years, furniture has changed due to technology and design ideas in interior design furniture. There are some styles of furniture that are more ergonomic, fitting the body so that they are healthier for individuals to use. There are other styles that are more artistic but not necessarily that comfortable, so individuals must decide what modern look they are going for in interior design furniture. Modern furniture styles, although still found in wood for the classic look, are also found in metals and plastics, as well as combinations of materials to create more unique pieces of interior design furniture for homes and offices. Modern furniture is also much more colorful than in the past, in addition to having the ability to create designs in metal, wood and glass that were not available before the twentieth century.