Four Must Haves for Modern Home Interior Design

Modern home interior design is a popular choice for many homeowners today like the clean, uncluttered feel that this style offers. Another advantage to this style of home décor is the abundance of furnishings, window coverings and accents one can find with this style in mind. However, before you head down the track of urban modern home interior design by visiting a home store or checking out interior design software, consider adding these four elements to your décor.

Modern Home Interior Design

1. Clean Lines
Modern home interior design is all about sleek, simple and clean when it comes to the lines of the architecture, furnishings and even the accents that are found throughout. Ornate pieces and intricate fabric patterns will rarely find their way into modern home interior design. Instead, straight lines, solid colors and geometric shapes fit with this decorating scheme perfectly. This goes for cabinetry and couches; mirrors and tables. Keep it simple and you are on your way to a beautiful contemporary design.

2. Wood Tones
Wood does have its place in modern home interior design, as long as the lines are sleek and the tones fit into the rest of the décor. In many cases, darker wood tones fit the bill, with rich mahogany and walnut adding to the sleek elegance of the style. Others prefer the paler grains of teak and other woods that will brighten the space and make a nice contrast to rich leather and sleek metal accents.

3. Metal
Metal is certainly a necessity in modern home interior design, where it is rich brushed nickel hardware on the cabinetry or an entire piece constructed of steel. Consider adding metal frames to the walls and shiny metal legs on sofas and tables. Sculptures made of steel also make a nice centerpiece to the dining room table, or you can fill metal bowls and plates with glass beads and flowers for a colorful touch. Chrome lamps are another nice way to bring the urban look into modern home interior design.

4. Color
While the majority of modern home interior design follows a rather neutral color scheme, a burst of rich color where you don’t expect it can be a creative touch. Try a deep purple sofa paired with a chrome coffee table or paint one wall in a room with a deep blue or burgundy color. Add an arrangement of red flowers to a black end table or place some pillows with bright prints on a black leather chair. Color can warm up the space and offers a point of interest in an otherwise minimalist space.

Modern home interior design is a popular choice today, undoubtedly because it offers a feeling of calm, clean living with a bold punch of style. Check out your choices in modern home interior design and enjoy coming home to your stylish space every day.