What can you have on IKEA online .

IKEA online also provides access to product specifics, stocks, an online catalog and customer service the same as IKEA catalogue and stores .

In 1997, IKEA website began and allowed IKEA IKEA customer to see IKEA products from the comfort of their own living rooms . Through IKEA home shopping, customers can access to online catalog, the ability to view products and check local IKEA store warehouse stock . IKEA credit card online can also be applied here.

Come 2004, Ask Anna, a web bot designed to address customer service issues through IKEA’s website was introduced by IKEA online . She is programmed to assist the visitor to the site by serving relevant webpages based on the questions asked by site visitors .

IKEA Anna reportedly speaks 10 different languages and can answer questions posed by customers .

IKEA Online in Sweden gives the concept of selling 2nd-hand IKEA products to make way for “vintage-modern” furniture apart from selling their new products.

Sections from IKEA online includes living room, bedroom, to textiles, kitchen, and children’s area, the same way IKEA make their catalogues .

For the consumers to have a grasp of the item to use, they combined their own furnishings in style over the website.

IKEA online requires you to have an account and a shopping cart too, like any other online stores . Shopping cart needs to have the items breakdown in respect to their description and quantity. From the number of items that you stated in the cart, it will show you how much money you have to prepare.

IKEA online shopping list enables you to window-shop online and print them later on should you decide on going to the store yourself .

IKEA online have their items on display with their prices and descriptions are available . By lessening the waste through a more sustainable business venture, the concept of “vintage modern” was accepted by many, to take part of.