Is There an Interior Design School Ranking?

There are many different things to think about when choosing an interior design school according to interior design school reviews. The ranking of the school is really one of the last things to think about, since any accredited school will get a person a solid foundation in interior design. There are different sites and books that say that they have an accurate interior design school ranking, however, these rankings can change from year to year and are subjective at best.

What to Look for in Interior Design School Ranking?

More important than an interior design school ranking is verifying that the school of choice is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD.) If a school does not have this accreditation, then people interested in interior design should veer away from it, since any certificate or degree from the school would be invalid.

Even though there is not a valid interior design school ranking system, there are different websites and books that will list out how competitive a particular interior design school is to get into. This is sometimes a good indicator of the quality of teaching that a particular school has, but may also just indicate a popularity factor for a school regardless of merit. It is even better to check a school to see how many of its graduates were hired by prestigious interior design companies, or what the future careers are of graduates from a particular school. Since the goal of going to interior design school is to begin a career in the field, it is important to know how easy it is to get hired after graduating from a particular design school.

Another aspect to consider above the interior design school ‘ranking’ is what the faculty to student ratio is in the program. The best programs are those in which there are few students to each teacher so that there is more personalized attention given to each student. In addition, it is good to check on the school’s educational requirements of its faculty to see what degrees and experience they must have in order to teach at that school. The higher the degree and experience required, the better the interior design school. In addition to background qualifications, it is also important that the faculty is currently involved in interior design so that they are more certain to be up to speed with the latest information in the field of interior design.