The Traits of the Best Interior Design School

There are many different qualities to look for in the best interior design schools today. Whether the education desired is a certificate, undergraduate or graduate interior design school degree, the basic qualities of the best interior design schools are the same across the board. The application process to get into these schools can be quite a competitive process, especially if the school is one which popular interior design firms hire out of on a regular basis, so it is important that individuals have all of their work and background education in order before applying to the schools.

Searching and Applying The Best Interior Design School

Every one of the best interior design schools are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design in the United States and by similar organizations if in other countries. If a school is not accredited it should be avoided altogether. The accreditation process insures that all students will receive a quality and uniform interior design education at that school. The best interior design schools usually provide for a two year certificate program where the basic interior design concepts are taught and applied on a small scale basis.

The next two to four years are spent in class and internship experiences where students have the opportunity to choose real projects to work on in conjunction with other students and faculty so that they gain more experience in a ‘safe’ environment with a lot of support. This allows them to build their portfolio of work so that it is easier to get hired after receiving their degrees since companies can observe their previous work and talk to references.

The application process for the best interior design schools can be quite arduous. Every school has its own requirements so it is best to go to the schools catalogue and application’s office to find out what the specific requirements are for that particular school. However, like many schools, the transcripts of previous educational experience are evaluated for admission as well as the application information for that school. In addition, there is usually an entrance essay in which the students will need to express why he or she wants to go to that particular school for interior design and why the school should choose him or her for entrance into that school.

Many of the best interior design schools will also require a portfolio of work to be presented before admission, usually of different fine arts materials, but most have specific requirements for the portfolio or work, which may require that individuals spend some time getting the portfolio up to date.