What Makes a Top Interior Design School?

When deciding to go into the field of interior design, individuals want to find the best interior design schools in the country, or even the world, so that their education is the best it can possibly be and they can be hired quickly to start their careers after school. There are several different qualities to look for in top interior design schools, the first of which is whether they are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. If a school is not accredited, it should be thrown out immediately as a choice of interior design schools since a degree from that school would mean nothing without being accredited. Accreditation means that a school has met the minimum standards set by the NASAD in terms of its faculty and curriculum to assure that every student will get a quality interior design education at that school no matter what degree he or she pursues.

Top Interior Design Schools

In looking for a top interior design school, after accreditation, individuals should look at top interior design firms and see what schools they host students from and what schools they will host contests within since those schools are the ones that these firms consider top interior design schools. Another thing to look for is whether the faculty at a given school is still active in practicing interior design or if they are only teachers of the concepts. The best interior design education will be gained from teachers who are actively in the field of interior design on a regular basis.

In addition, top interior design schools usually provide a solid foundation during the first two years of school in the basic concepts of interior design. After that time, which would provide a certificate in interior design, the school usually will move into more of an internship program where students will continue to take classes but will also start to take on more and more complex interior design projects in conjunction with other students under the supervision of faculty so that they gain real life experience that they can use to build their portfolios.

This gives students the real world experience and application of the concepts that they have learned in a structured environment and allows them to start deciding on their specialty, especially if they are going to pursue a Master’s degree in interior design. Students looking for the top interior design schools should also look at what types of specialties are offered by a particular school to see if they can use that school for their entire schooling or if they would have to change schools to complete their specialty.