What to Expect in an Interior Design Graduate School

Although there is not an interior design school ranking, per say, there are certain qualities that make one design school a better choice over another one. For instance, if an interior design school is not accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design in the USA or by a similar organization in other countries, then the school should not be considered at all. In addition, it is a good idea to see how competitive a particular school is because that probably shows which schools have the best programs and attract the best students and faculty.

Some interior design firms will also support some of the best schools by holding contests as well as providing internship positions for top students, which shows that these firms consider the school one of the best or they would not want to hire students from that school.

Another requirement that students should look for is whether the school has an interior design graduate school so that they do not have to change schools should they want to specialize further in their education before starting their career in interior design. Interior design graduate schools provide the specialty areas that students are most interested in, usually providing classes combined with internships to allow students to apply what they learn in gaining their Master’s degrees.

Interior Design Graduate School And Undergraduate Degrees

Before students can get into interior design graduate schools they must have completed the two year certificate degree and the four year Bachelor’s degree in interior design. In the best schools, the first two years are spent learning the basics of interior design so that the foundation is there on which to apply the skills in the real world.

Once the certificate degree is gained then students can go on to pursue the Bachelor’s degree for the next two years, wherein they are usually continuing to take some classes as well as participate in internships where they can take on real projects in conjunction with other students and learn from the real world environment. This also helps them to build their portfolios and to start deciding what they want their specialty to be, so that if they decide to go to interior design graduate school they will have a focus of study.

There are different specialties that interior design graduate schools offer in both residential and commercial interior design. These specialties can have to do with a particular type of design, such as modernism, or it can be particular rooms in houses or businesses such as kitchens or bathrooms.