A General Guide To Lawn Pest Control Service

Garden and lawn pest control can be very challenging. Two of the most common lawn pests are chinch bugs and white grubs. Patches of dying brown grass indicate the presence of chinch bugs and it usually happens in the areas that get more of sunlight. You can test the chinch bug infestation with the help of empty coffee tin without the bottom. Push this can almost 2 inches inside the soil and fill this can with soapy water. Check it after 10-15 minutes and observe the number of floating chinch bugs. If there are more than 10 bugs doing back float, you have a serious pest issue.

For grubs, take out the square patch of grass, and if there are close to ten grubs per square foot, the problem is serious and will get worse with time if not treated. Nematodes are the most effective solution to deal with garden pests as they enter pests bodies and kill them.

Choosing A Good Lawn Pest Control Service

There are numerous remedies that can help you get rid of unwanted pests in your lawn but if the problem is acute, it is advisable to take help of lawn pest control service provider. There are many companies that offer lawn care in addition to pest control so that the combined offer works well both for the homeowners and service providers. It is advisable to hire lawn pest control service provider that has branches so that the pests can be eradicated not only from your lawn, but from your home as well. This will give you a safe, clean and hygienic house as well as lawn and will save you some precious bucks as well.

When choosing a lawn pest control service provider, look for the complete solution to the lawn care as pest problems are serious and they spread easily. Opt for pest eradication and prevention that comprises the comprehensive treatment initially and regular services later on. If you do not want chemicals to be used for pest eradication, look for natural pest control service provider as they use natural and non-toxic products.

When looking for lawn pest control service provider, make sure that the service personnel is experience and knowledgeable so that your lawn is well taken care of. Most service providers give the maintenance contract that will mention the job that needs to be done, time frame required to complete it, schedule of revisits and other options of the service. It is a good idea to get the quote from more than one lawn pest control service providers so that you can choose the one offering you best price and service. Make sure that the company is authorised and licensed, and also check their customer base.