A Guide to Home Remedy Pest Control in a Matter of Minutes

Let’s face it. Pesticides are very toxic chemicals that can have serious consequences on our health and our environment. If you want to avoid polluting the environment and poisoning your plants for the sake of a pest-free garden or yard, try home remedy pest control. You can mix ingredients from your cupboard to quickly and easily concoct natural home pest control remedies that are safe, effective, and cheap.
Homemade Traps for Sowbugs and Flying Pests

If you want to make a sticky trap as home remedy pest control for flying bugs, you can apply yellow paint to both sides of 4 inch by 8 inch piece of cardboard and apply plant-based petroleum jelly when the paint dries. If you place the card just above the plant canopy, you can control pests like fungus gnats and white flies.

In order to make a sowbug home remedy for pest control, all you have to do is put cornmeal in a plastic container wih a lid. At the base of the container, cut a small hole that is large enough so that the sowbugs can climb into the container. If you place the container in an area infested with sowbugs, the sowbugs will feed on the cornmeal, drink, and then explode.

Homemade Solutions for Easy Pest Control

If you want to create simple solutions and formulas that can be used as a home remedy for pest control, it’s possible to do so with ingredients from your kitchen cupboard. You can make a solution out of soap flakes and warm water and apply it directly to areas infested with aphids, spiter mites, and white flies.

Only apply the solution every 5 to 7 days however because soap can cause burning on plants. You can also make a garlic oil spray by mixing minced garlic, mineral oil, water, and dish soap and putting it in a spray bottle. You can spray plants regularly with this solution in order to kill aphids, spiter mites, and white flies. To make a fungicide for mildew and black spots, mix baking soda, water, and soap flakes. Prior to applying this solution, remove the affected areas of the plant so you can help prevent the spread of the disease.

So there you have it. It’s possible to make inexpensive, effective, and safe home remedy solutions for pest control. There is no need to poison your plants and garden with chemical pesticides. If pests are taking over your garden, get rid of them safely with home remedies that don’t have any dangerous consequences for the environment or your family’s health.