Earth-Friendly Insect Pest Control

Unless you’re a Jain, which has a religion based on not killing anything, then you don’t have to put up with insect invaders to your home and person. Other creatures kill insects in order to survive, and so can you. But you should undertake insect pest control in such a way that it does harm other creatures you haven’t intended to kill or the natural elements we all need in order to survive.

Nature’s Bug Eaters

Get friendly with some critters that love to eat bugs and your insect pest control may be highly efficient without a lot of work on your part. Bats and spiders make the best flying insect pest control in the world. They have spent millennia figuring out how to catch bugs, while even the best insect pest control company in your town has probably only been in business for a few decades.

Do all that you can to encourage bats and spiders in your home and garden, whether it’s installing a bat box or educating your family not to kill spiders. The more you learn about the non-poisonous kinds of spiders there are in your area, the les fearsome they will seem to be. If you have frogs in your area, never use any chemical lawn products that could get into their pond water and kill them.

Insect Pest Control – Clean Up

Another big thing you can do to help your other insect pest control efforts is to keep a clean house. The big thing you want to keep an eye on are food crumbs and puddles of standing water. Even a capful of standing water in an overturned Frisbee can become a breeding ground for biting insects. Insect pest control doesn’t mean that you have to have a sparkling clean house, but it does mean that you have to have a neat house with all food in its place.

Insect Pest Control – Aromatherapy

There are many earth-friendly things you can do for insect pest control on your body, especially if you are visiting an area known to have a lot of biting insects. Although many commercial bug repellants are available, they can trigger headaches, nausea and pose an environmental hazard if the can leaks. It’s much better and smells nicer to use aromatherapy oil-based products.

You can even make these products yourself, but there are many products already made for insect pest control. You can add one part pf aromatherapy oil to an unscented body lotion to make a repellant. Tea tree, citronella and lavender are excellent choices.