How to Get Rid of Pests with Natural Home Garden Pest Control

Are there insects that think your food is their food? If your garden is being invaded by pests, don’t reach for that pesticide right away. Pesticides are full of toxic chemicals that have dangerous side effects for human and animal health as well as the environment. If you want to find a balance between protecting your garden and protecting the environment, try all natural home garden pest control. It is the safest and best home pest control available.

You should always consider the use of chemical pesticide sprays as a last resort, only when the economic, aesthetic, or medical consequences of the damage are severe. All natural home garden pest control is the most effective when you have an organic garden because natural biological control is at work.

The 5 Types of Organic Pest Control Methods and How They Work

Smell, gases, heat or fumes, oil, and soap are the five main types of natural home garden pest control methods. Strong smelling substances such as garlic, tobacco, fish, and rhubarb can be used to repel insect. There are many plants that give off gases and volatile oils and can serve as natural insecticides. Heat or fumes from chilies, salt, or kerosene will kill or harm pests. Mineral oil and vegetable oils suffocate pests while soaps and detergents are applied to plants because many insects dislike them.

Recipes for Home Garden Pest Control Solutions

There are many different types of homemade solutions that are very helpful in eliminating pests. One example is garlic spray, which consists of liquid detergent, garlic, chili peppers, oil, and water. This mix is blended together and can be applied frequently until there are no sign of pests. After that, you can apply it just about once a week to prevent eggs from hatching. You can also spray this mixture to make a border around your garden to keep pets and other small animals out.

You can also make simple mixture with oil and soap to deter all kinds of pests. Fish fertilizers can get rid of pests like mites, nematodes, and caterpillars thanks to their bad smell. Keep in mind that the fishy smell may be bothersome for your neighbors so go easy on the fish fertilizer.

Make no mistake about it. Home garden pest control is easy and effective. There is no need to go out and spend money on chemicals that are only going to poison your garden. You can make 100% safe pest control solutions at home instead of relying on toxic chemicals that have serious consequences for your health and the environment.