How to Pull Off Mole Control in Lawns

If you are sick and tired of moles taking over your lawns and disfiguring them, then it is high time you consider enacting mole control on your lawns. One way of pulling off mole control in lawns is to get rid of lawn grubs. Lawn grubs are a great source of food for moles that is why that is one of the reasons they stay there in the first place. Taking of one of their food supplies is an effective way of mole control in lawns.

Lawn grubs are the larvae that eventually grow into what is known as the Japanese Beetle, and moles surely love eating them. If you have a mole problem, then you have these lawn grubs in your lawn.

To get rid of the lawn grubs, you need to use an eco-friendly product known as the BT. This product does not harm lawns, or lawns near your own. They do not poison birds, pet dogs or cats, and people. This will only kill the lawn grubs thus killing off the food supply of the moles.

If the moles are still around even if the lawn grubs are eliminated, you can try a other methods of mole control in lawns. First is to figure out which of the tunnels they are using the most, their main passageway to be exact. To do this you need to stomp all the runways in your lawn, if there is mole in that area, they will repair that tunnel very quickly. Once you have located the area that they use the most, set up trap at that passageway. You can either use live traps or traps that kill them instantly. Either way you will have to dispose of the mole immediately once you have caught them.

Another mole control in lawns method is to flood them out of their holes. Once you find the hole that the moles are using frequently, stick a hose into the tunnel and let the water run. The mole only has 2 options: either to escape by running outside, risking capture, or drowning out in the tunnels. If the mole does get out, you have to quickly capture it and get rid of immediately. These are some of the mole control in lawns method that there is, now good luck to your mole hunting!