Orange Oil As Natural Indoor Insect Pest Control

Have you noticed that a lot of cleaning products for your home and patio smell like oranges or claim that they contain orange oil? This is because those in the know are looking for environmentally products that won’t contain chemicals to poison water, should it spill into the public water supply. Public tap water is already loaded with fertilizers, pesticides and pharmaceutical drugs. Orange oil is also natural indoor insect pest control.

Indoor Insect Pest Control With Essential Oils

For centuries, gardeners have noticed that some plants or herbs seem to deter bugs from getting into the crops. Essential oils found in cleaning products or indoor insect pest control products are made from botanicals like herbs, plants, leaves and fruits. They are added to fixatives like water, vegetable oils or soaps. Please do a test patch on your fabrics before using a lot of the new product all over your home.

Orange oil isn’t the only bug deterrent. Other oils include citronella, tea tree, lavender and cedar. Some people believe that essential oils make the best insect pest control, because not only does it repel bugs, but they also help clean. Many oils also contain anti-bacterial properties.

What Can Orange Oil Kill?

Orange oil can be used for many species in indoor insect pest control. It has been successfully used to deter or even kill mosquitoes, flies, termites, ants, roaches, fleas and ticks in your furniture or carpet. It’s not recommended to spray orange oil based indoor insect pest control products on yourself or your pets.

Orange oil or any other essential oil-based product that is used for indoor insect pest control can also kill you if you’re not careful. This is powerful stuff, no matter what percentage is used in the product. Just use common sense. You wouldn’t drink a bottle of kitchen cleaner or bug repellant, would you?

Indoor Insect Pest Control Part Of An Overall System

You can’t rely on just one product for all of your indoor insect pest control needs, even though many people consider orange oil quite reliable. No amount of orange oil is going to keep bugs away from a filthy home with food garbage all over the place. You have to keep your property and living quarters as tidy as you can. Make all of your food as inaccessible to bugs or mice as you can.

In indoor insect pest control, it’s also important to go through your home and yard to see if there are any standing pools of water that biting insects can breed in. Getting your roof checked once a year for these pools can save you a lot of money in the long run.