Organic mole control

Moles are generally considered as pests by gardeners. A well-manicured lawn could end up a mess due tunnels created by moles. Moles incessantly search for earthworms that reside near the surface. Commonly, these earthworms burrow between grass roots and dig around to create long and intricate tunnels. The mole often looks for these tunnels using their acute sense of smell and hearing. Earthworms burrowing on the ground can be heard by moles as far as 5 meters away.

The moles then wait for the earthworms to drop into their tunnel which serves as a very tasty treat. For this reason, farmers and gardeners have been searching for ways to eradicate moles in their plots. Although mechanical and chemical methods have been traditionally used, gardeners nowadays search for a more earth- friendly solution. The organic method for controlling moles is much sought by gardeners and farmers alike. There are some suggestions using organic mole control, among these are the following:

Use a tasty chewing gum such as Juicy Fruit. Moles love the taste of this gum as much as children do. Basically, you just need to unroll a package of gum and roll it like a cigarette. Make sure to place the gum in the tunnels where they can be easily found by moles. Once moles have tasted the gum, they would die from it since the gum is not digested well by moles. In order to succeed in this organic mole control, make sure to replace the gum around 4-6 times and space them at least an inch apart.

Grow castor oil- plants (Ricinus communis) around your garden. The rationale behind this organic mole control method is that most mole repellant products are based on castor oil. Castor oil have been used as a natural laxative by grandmothers before commercially prepared laxatives were introduced in the market. Once moles ingest this deadly plant, the result would be fatal thereby reducing the size of mole population. Even its smell is intolerable for other animals which makes it a perfect organic repellant. However, farmers using this organic mole control method must be aware that the castor oil plant is poisonous even to human beings. Children living near such plots with castor oil plants must be warned not stay near the area.

The two suggestions given above are less-costly than chemical preparations; moreover, they do not harm the environment and provide effective results in controlling moles.