Organic Pest Control For Plants Will Ensure That There Is No Danger To Your Health Or To Those Of Your Plants

When it comes to choosing organic pest control for plants there are a number of solutions available that will help get rid of pests such as white flies, aphids and spider mites without in any way needing to use dangerous kinds of pesticides. The unfortunate truth about using pesticides (chemical based) is that they can cause nerve damage, cancer as well as a number of health related problems including even birth defects.

Organic Pest Control For Plants – Pest-Repelling Plants

These dangers should spur you into trying organic pest control for plants and one of the best such options available is to incorporate plants that are known for their abilities to repel pests. In addition, you need to also encourage insects that eat pests and the more these insects hang around your plants the fewer are the chances of pests getting a chance to attack your plants. Lastly, proper organic pest control for plants includes using pesticides that are not toxic and which can even be brewed at home.

Fortunately, when it concerns organic pest control for plants there are a number of pest-repelling plants that are worth adding to your garden and among other plants, try growing basil as too green beans. Also, you should consider companion planting as a suitable solution in regard to organic pest control for plants.

Many plants help protect other plants from attack by pests and these plants will also prevent diseases while making for a better flavor to certain foods. Basil can be planted next to tomatoes as this method of companion planting will ensure that the tomatoes grow to have better flavor while also being protected from attack by pests.

You can also try planting oregano next to broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower as well as cucumbers as it will prevent pests from attacking these vegetables. Finally, you should try and attract certain kind of insects that will prey on pests. Examples of these insects are ladybugs that are most attracted to plants such as Tansy, Cilantro and Geraniums. Even attracting the praying mantis as well as dragon flies and even spiders will prove to be beneficial as effective organic pest control for plants.

For those people that are interested in natural organic pest control there is good news because each day new fungi as well as plants are being discovered that show signs of being able to act in a manner that promotes organic pest control.

The simplest organic pest control for plants is to encourage ladybugs to your garden because these insects will prey on aphids and so rids your garden off dangerous pests.