Simple Ways to Use Natural Home Pest Control

I don’t know a thing about you but I’ll bet that the overuse of pesticides worries you. The incidence of serious diseases like cancer has dramatically increased due to exposure to toxic chemicals like pesticides and the detrimental effect pesticide contamination has on our environment cannot be ignored. Fortunately, natural home pest control is a viable option that is safe and equally as effective.

Natural-Born Pesticides for Your Garden and Home

Cucumbers are an excellent bug repellent and organic home pest control method. For example, ants hate cucumbers, especially cucumber peels. If you leave cucumber peels lying around, you can be sure that ants won’t come back into your home. Cucumber peels, the bitter the better, can also be sliced up in placed in gardens to repel ants, mites, flies, moths, and other bugs.

If you want to buy prepared remedies for natural home pest control, there are organic products out there that you can easily spray or apply to your plants. If you would like to save money and have the time to make your own remedies for natural home pest control, it is also possible to concoct your own homemade remedies.

Natural ingredients that can be used as natural home pest control barriers to keep pests out of your garden include garlic, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, charcoal, chalk, bone meal, and talcum powder. Each pest will have an aversion to a different substance so it’s important to test these different substances out to see which ones are most effective to repel the types of pests that are invading your garden.

You can also grow certain plants around your yard as a barrier to keep pests from coming in. Plants that are helpful for this include spearmint, peppermint, and penny royal, which are known to repel ants and aphids. Mint and basil repel flies. To make a protective border that keeps snails away, create a barrier with sand, lime, copper, or ashes.

Lemon and boiling water are also good repellents for ants. If you notice ants coming from a crack, squeeze some fresh lemon juice into the crack. A natural home pest control concoction that can be used to kill roaches is baking soda and powdered sugar. If you put this mixture in the area frequented by roaches, you won’t see them come around anymore. Boric acid is also effective in getting rid of roaches.

Now that you are armed with this information, start experimenting with natural home pest control, whether commercial or homemade. Natural home pest control is a safer alternative to pesticides and it is equally effective. Do yourself, your family, and the environment a favor by using natural remedies for pest control.