The How to Use Mole Control Traps

It is quite hard to pick out which is the best mole control trap that will do the job. Many of us find it hard to choose considering that there are dozens, if not, hundreds of mole control traps out there i the market today. So it is best if we can shed some light on the search for the most fit mole control trap. It is a good thing that most mole control traps will do the job as humanely as possible.

One of the most favoured mole control traps is the choker loop trap. This is due because any mole who enters a choker loop trap will be quickly and instantaneously be dealt with. This type of mole control trap has been used for hundreds of years already. This just proves how effective choker loop traps are in controlling your mole infestation. This trap, for all intents and purposes, is the best mole control trap money can buy.

It works by slipping the loops into the mole’s main tunnel. As it digs along, the soil is disturbed which springs the trap. Once the mole approaches and gets into the trap’s range, the mole is crushed instantaneously between the base and loops.

The trick to making choker loop traps work is locating where the main mole passageway is. This is where you set your mole control traps, you need more than one of this type of trap in order to effectively succeed in controlling mole infestation.

Finding the main passageway is not that difficult. You just stomp on all the mole runs that you see. If any of those mole runs that you have stomped down pos back up, then you have found your target. That is where you set your mole control traps. If you don’t see any changes within a 72 hour duration, you either picked the wrong tunnel, or the mole detected the trap.

This is just one of the ways of how you can use a mole control trap, there are multitudes of other mole control traps out there, but so far, this has been favoured to be the best and most humane way of dealing with your mole problems.