Things You Need to Know About the Different Methods of Gopher and Mole Control

Gopher and mole control is one of the central issues homeowners and gardeners have tackled for some time now, and there are a range of solutions that have been made to eradicate this mole problem.

Moles love grubs, so a lot of people assume that if you can get rid of the grubs in a lawn, the moles will readily leave. However you need to be aware that grubs are not only the ones that moles eat, if you have an abundance of earthworms in your lawn area then the moles will still stay. Sure enough killing of those grubs are advantageous, but not the earthworms as your lawn and garden benefit from these critters.

Some breeds of dog were made to go after moles and other burrowing critters. Dogs have been used as a means of gopher and mole control. But still, dogs are a hit and miss solution to your gopher and mole control problems. Not even a highly trained dog can completely solve your pest problem.

There are poisons that are made to kill off gophers and moles. You can find one at your local garden shop or hardware store. The main issue with the usage of poisons to kill off gophers and moles is that first, it is not environment friendly. It could well damage your lawn in the long run. Second is that you have to think about the safety of your children and other pets.

Sticking a hose down the passageways of the moles is another method of gopher and mole control being used. They effectively flush out the moles, but what you need to know is that this method can damage your lawn that which you have worked on so patiently.

Another method of gopher and mole control is the use of gasoline. The idea is that you pour gasoline down the holes and tunnels and the fumes will kill the moles. This is quite dangerous you see because gasoline is highly dangerous in the first place. Would you want to have rivers of gasoline underneath your lawn area?

Traps are the only consistent and effective method of gopher and mole control. There are a variety of mole trap designs on the market and some work better than the others. Though if you are animal rights welfare activist you may want to look the other way around.

Last and not the least, sonic devices are being used as gopher and mole control methods. This is perhaps the most economic, effective, all-natural, and animal friendly mole control system available out there. It utilises a sound-based system that irritates the gophers and moles, it is so subtle that humans, and even dogs cant be bothered by the sonic sound that it generates.