How to Promote Your Window Cleaning Services?

Should you have a window cleaning service and you also are not reaching that many clients, then you’re not carrying out your marketing properly, or possibly you are not even marketing at all. There are two markets to promote your window cleaning services to; non commercial and business properties. Window cleaning businesses are simple to run and require little start-up spending. Residential clients probably are the simplest clients you can get and cheapest to sell to. There are a lot of ways to showcase your services to clients. Below are a few advertising ideas to get your window cleaning services seen.

Plan how much you are going to impose non commercial and industrial clientele for cleaning their windows. Do you plan on offering discounts if a client avails of your services for many months or for an whole year? Should you clean windows inside and out? Are you willing to thoroughly clean second storey and third storey windows from the outside? After deciding upon these things, create a pricing sheet for potential clients. Show specifics including the price of window cleaning service for each window. Put in the discount rates that you chose to offer.

Create fliers or door hangers promoting your window cleaning services. Leave the fliers or door hangers at homes throughout the service area of your choice.

Advertise your window cleaning business inside the classified ads section of your local newspaper. Emphasize your marketing on your own specialization of window cleaning to make your business stay ahead of the competition and from among the home cleaning services found in the newspaper.

Make use of advertising signs at intersections or places with lots of people bustling about. Create a sign that will appeal to attention and leave a powerful impact in people’s minds.

The best promotion strategies is to offer excellent customer service. Be punctual do the good job. Your customers will be really pleased and this can be a way to get them to contact you always to avail of your services and obtain referrals. Let your clients be aware that you offer something special together with your business. It can be that you’re using environment-friendly products for window cleaning. Convey this to your current and prospects.