Starting Your Own Business Of High Rise Window Cleaning systems

High rise window cleaning takes loads of talent and bravery since the task is serious and hard to perform. To achieve success as a high rise window washer, you’ll need sense of balance, absolutely no fear of altitudes and the right tools to clean huge windows. Continue reading to learn more about how to wash high rise windows.

High-rise window cleaning is done by the use of scaffolding and platforms that are lifted down and up the building to be able to reach all the windows. This is the traditional method for high rise window cleaning. Window cleaning techniques are the same as for any other window cleaning techniques on the ground or close to the ground. You just need a window-cleaning solution consisting of ammonia. It is rubbed at the window and the window is cleaned with a rag. The solid pieces of dirt stuck at the window are eliminated using a razor blade. A squeegee is then ran across the window to help prevent streaking.

For high rise residential buildings smaller than six storeys, scaffolding or pulley systems are no longer necessary. Long-handled brushes are used to reach from the ground to the highest windows in the building. Two brushes are usually used, one looks like a broom head and the other looks like a mop head. Much like window cleaning for high rise buildings, a cleaning solution is applied to the brush and the window is scrubbed. The mop-like head is made use of to clean the cleaning solution and stop streaking.

The newest window cleaning system is the automated cleaning system. This system is an computerized washer that climbs the walls of the building and does the window cleaning automatically. No human is necessary to go up up the building; this greatly increases the safety of the job. The bot is remotely controlled from the ground level. This system utilises genuine cleaning products that will not leave residue. Largely water-based, the automated system is very fast and can clean up to 50 feet of windows per minute. This kind of system is used for huge and high rise buildings that seems very difficult for humans to reach and not feel threatened by the height.