Window Cleaning How To’s

Lots of individuals take it upon themselves the obligation of cleaning their very own house windows and end up unhappy with the final results. A few are able it and employ professional window cleaners. Having said that some just can’t spend spare funds on employing experts. Besides it is too far off to clean windows yourself. All you need is to learn the basics and get with you the appropriate tools to complete the job right. Here is some window cleaning how to’s.

First you will need a squeegee, a 12 inch one to be exact and should more than suffice. Go for one that is of high quality where one can put new rubber in the event it requires substitution. You also need a few old but clean cotton clothes, dish soap and a bucket. If your residence includes a second storey then you need a ladder, but extendable poles are enough and will also have the desired effect.

First window cleaning how to is to fill your pail with 2 gallons of cool water, and then add a shot of dish soap. Try various amounts but you don’t want a lot of or too little of the dish soap. You just need enough to provide a little slide and glide for your squeegee. Dip your strip washer to the water and sprinkle it all over to create foam. Squeeze it out to remove excess water. Use the strip washer to the window and wash in spherical movement. Scrub until the dirt is taken away, then prepare to use squeegee on the glass. What you need to do is scrub it horizontally first then top to bottom. When you scrub vertically, start from the top towards the bottom.

Don’t put too much pressure on the window; let the squeegee do its trick. Clean the rubber of the squeegee dry with dry cotton material then pull down once more on the window. Make sure that the top end of the squeegee is slanting in the direction that you are tugging from. This will make sure that the water flows down the window. After some practice you will be on your way to perfect windows cleaning.