Window Cleaning Rates

Establishing you own cleaning service requires plenty of price planning. There are many of issues to consider to make in the pricing process before you can land your very first customer. You have to choose whether you are going to charge per hour or per window, along with that based on the size of the window as well. How you charge will also depend on the dimensions of the home. Do you want to also demand additional for elaborate window cleaning services? It is essential that you have considered every important factor of pricing just before launching your business to the public.

Decide on the window cleaning rates. There are two pricing general methods, the by hour and by foot. Housing window cleanings are charged on an hourly basis than by the foot. Usually residential clientele ask that windows from a single room be cleaned. So if the space is small, little profit can be made from this. You want to take full advantage of the profits as much as possible so if you are going to service a non commercial client, charge on hourly basis.

Analyze the home of the client. If the home is a magnificent one and covers many square feet you’ll be able to ask for higher window cleaning rates. Considering that the house is bigger your client can afford a much higher price. However, don’t bring up the rates to a very overwhelming rate that will get your clients taken aback and turn the other way around. Most people are instinctive and they can tell whether they are being taken for a spin. Bring up your price competitively but not to the point that you are overcharging the clients.

Think about what sort of cleaning service the customer is requesting. Does the client want a complete house window cleaning? What if your client is seeking full house cleaning which includes garage, lawn, and carpet washing? If these aren’t included into your pricing rates, you are able to charge extra reasonably. Explain to them well that these services are not included in your full home cleaning package, and if they would like these services performed, additional charges will be applied. If your client is fair enough they will understand and pay the extra fee, no questions asked.